Logistics For Maximo

BPD Zenith’s Logistics for Maximo product was initially developed to meet specific industry requirements for the Oil and Gas market.

The industry regularly ships items and materials from onshore warehouses to platforms via air or sea, and it is a statutory requirement to provide the Captain of any vessel with a Shipping Manifest. The Shipping Manifest must describe the contents of everything that the voyage is carrying, with a separate document being required for each destination. Logistics for Maximo integrates seamlessly with IBM Maximo Asset Management software as part of the existing workflow and is applicable to any industry that must ship items and be able to monitor them within a centrally accessible system.

The shipping of parts, specialist tools and equipment to work locations is an important part of an Asset Management system. When items are issued, transferred and receipted in the core Maximo product, the solution creates the required shipping item records. There is also a consignment notes feature which allows the planning of items being returned to be organised so that they can be sent correctly on to their return destination. In addition to Manifest creation, Logistics for Maximo provides full visibility of items on and offshore, improves the utilisation of shipping resources and provides enhanced management of items that have been returned to shore.

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