IBM Maximo Asset Management Add-ons

In addition to the core functionality of IBM Maximo Asset Management, the product family options extend the asset management platform and provide unique industry variants and task-specific functionalities with IBM Maximo Asset Management Add-Ons.

  • IBM Maximo Calibration is a comprehensive solution that can help you manage calibration for all assets – as well as the standards that are used to calibrate them. Maximo Calibration provides your organisation with detailed documentation, traceability and reverse traceability, data validation and auditable reports. BPD Zenith has experience implementing Calibration for companies operating in industries that are governed by FDA requirements.
  • IBM Maximo Asset Configuration Manager provides real-time calculation of an asset’s configuration and the life of each component of the asset. It helps to accurately perform system and component analysis and reporting – leading to improved reliability, increased compliance in regulated industries and lower maintenance costs.
  • IBM Maximo Asset Management Scheduler allows you to plan, schedule, dispatch and track all work from your Maximo system and view all work orders and preventive maintenance schedules graphically on a Gantt chart. BPD Zenith has experience implementing Scheduler across Oil and Gas, Service Providers and Power Generation.
  • Maximo Health, Safety and Environment Manager provides a central application for reporting all incidents spanning work, personnel, safety, health and environmental areas. We have implemented the HSE module at Drax Power Station and many of the applications for the Oil and Gas industry.
  • IBM Maximo Linear Asset Management manages road networks, rail networks, water and gas pipelines and other linear assets. BPD Zenith has delivered Linear for Brisbane Motorway Services (Clem7 Tunnel).
  • IBM Maximo Spatial Asset Management allows users to view complex GIS information inside IBM Maximo. It provides a geospatial context of work, assets and relevant land-based features. As the adage says – a picture tells a thousand words – the ability to visualise information can improve reliability, longevity and efficient work execution.

Further details on IBM Maximo Asset Management Add-Ons can be found on the IBM website.

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