Maximo News: IBM Maximo is the #1 EAM solution

Posted on August 27th, 2013

For asset-intensive organisations looking to maximize asset ROI, longevity, uptime and safety, the importance of an asset management solution is clear to see. Without collecting, consolidating and analysing information – at all times, for all assets, across their full lifecycles – they can’t improve operations through better asset availability, reliability and utilisation.

Enterprise-class organisations will be interested to learn of the recent analyst’s report on Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Field Service Management (FSM). In May 2013, ARC Advisory Group released its annual findings on EAM and FSM solutions. ARC cited IBM Maximo as the worldwide leading supplier—for the seventh year in a row. Furthermore, IBM Maximo was cited as the leader in key submarkets including North America, Latin America, and Tier 1 customers.

Since the overall EAM market is also growing, it’s no surprise to find that IBM is also #1 in EAM software revenues and EAM implementation and services revenues. Even more impressive is the fact that IBM has held #1 or #2 position in the last seven years in the following segments: Oil and Gas, Fleet, Complex asset maintenance, repair and operations, Government, to name a few.

These findings highlight Maximo’s flexibility as a cross-industry solution. Competitive, standalone EAM products are typically niche solutions focusing on limited types of assets (e.g. fleet) and industries (e.g. utilities). The standalone products have different user interfaces, platform requirements and administrative overheads that affect user and IT efficiencies. Furthermore, these products operate in silos – inhibiting visibility and automation across assets types and the enterprise in general. IBM Maximo solutions, on the other hand, support more asset types and offer more in-depth industry support on a common service oriented platform, enabling information and process visibility, control and automation across assets in the enterprise.

We can help you to understand  how these capabilities apply to almost any organization, business context, or industry, and as a result, help explain just how Maximo has become so broadly successful, in so many different fields.

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