Maximo Anywhere 7.6.3 Released

Posted on July 20th, 2018

IBM recently released the next version of IBM® Maximo® Anywhere 7.6.3.

 What’s new in Maximo Anywhere 7.6.3?

  • Installation process improvements
  • Build and deployment process improvements
  • The view of data in the Work Execution app
  • User interface improvements
    • New UI look and feel
    • Split pane layout
  • Serviceability improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Single Sign On framework support including SAML

Improved efficiency of the installation process and launch pad

The latest release provides the tools you need to better manage the installation process including:

  • View videos of the installation process
  • Validates the required components such as operating systems, servers, and SDKs and informs you of any issues
  • Specify information for push notifications support
  • Specify the path to the directory where you installed Oracle JDK
  • Select which apps to build, deploy, and distribute
  • Modify the apps from Maximo using the Anywhere Administration application
  • Ensure appropriate Security Group permissions to log in to the apps
  • Run the build all command and the admin-config-loader.xml utility from the launchpad after the installation is complete
  • Demo mode to make sure that any user has end-to-end connectivity established from the device with limited data


With the logs that Maximo Anywhere provides, you can collect information about runtime events and diagnose problems. You can also use the performance report to analyze performance and to troubleshoot resource usage.

The logging process now provides incident-based logging, providing date and time stamps and an activity indicator to help troubleshoot the entire build process.

User interface improvement – split panes

Split panes can now be enabled for the IBM Maximo Anywhere Work Execution app. This enables you to see combined views, lists and details. Because the views can be seen as a single page, fewer steps are required to complete work orders, leading to improved productivity.

User interface improvement – new skin

Maximo Anywhere’s images and colors have a new look and feel. This new design aligns the Maximo Anywhere user interface to be consistent with that of Maximo 7.6.

Google Play and Apple App Store

The apps are now available for download from either Google Play or Apple App Store. Ready apps for:

  • Asset Management
  • Work Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Industry Solutions

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