On-Demand Webinars

On Demand Webinars:

Maximo EAM

PART1: Digital Transformation for NHS & Healthcare Estates

Digital Transformation NHS Healthcare CAFM BPD Zenith

BPD Zenith are joined by industry experts to discuss modern CAFM solutions and associated technologies…


PART2: Digital Transformation for NHS & Healthcare Estates

Digital Transformation NHS Healthcare CAFM BPD Zenith

NHS Lanarkshire & Softcat join Helen to share the recent CAFM implementation experience with BPD…


Simplifying IBM Maximo Application Suite (MAS 8)

IBM has revolutionised EAM – making their entire range of Maximo applications accessible to all users, with one license…


SSC Water UK - Smart Work Scheduling in Water Utilities

SSC Water improves job scheduling to field service engineers, with Scheduler Plus and Maximo Anywhere…


Life Sciences: EAM In Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

A large UK pharma manufacturer improves data quality and reporting, within a highly regulated industry


SFG20 / HTM: Automating Maintenance Planning

SFG20 joins BPD Zenith to discuss the advantages and benefits this can offer when ‘built-into’ your EAM system…


CAMCODE: Maintenance Management begins with Asset Tagging

Explore the benefits of efficient Asset Tagging, and how this really impacts data quality and operational efficiency…


IBM MAS8: Intelligent Asset Management for 2022

Join BPD Zenith and IBM for a live dive into the Maximo Application Suite with Russell Bee and Helen Fisher


On Demand Webinars:


MaxTEACH: Creation of a Risk Management System in Maximo

ON DEMAND WEBINAR | Duration: 90 minutes

This session will help you create a Risk Management System in Maximo:

  • Creating Risk Assessments from Core Applications
  • Types of Risk Assessments
  • Managing Risk Assessment Activities
  • How Risk Assessment Ties into Maximo HSE
  • How to Set up Risk Assessments in Core Maximo
  • Approvals Required for Risk Management
  • Link Between Managing Risks and Asset Health/Reliability

On Demand Webinars:


An Introduction to LoveYourAsset

ON DEMAND WEBINAR | Duration: 90 minutes

LoveYourAsset is an easy to use, yet powerful tool that provides real-time Asset Health Monitoring for all:

  • Understand where you are on your AHM Journey
  • Explore the Live Demo of LoveYourAsset
  • Discover a simple way to subscribe your critical assets and monitor their health today!
LoveYourAsset: How Do You Leverage Your Asset Data?

Discover how your current asset data can be used to improve performance, reduce costs and increase ROI…


On Demand Webinars:

Tea Break Teasers

Episode 1: Attachments in Maximo

ON DEMAND WEBINAR | Duration: 19:22 minutes

In this episode we explore our Attachment by Email for Maximo feature:

We have developed a way to attach files to a record in Maximo without opening Maximo itself. This is particularly useful when a time poor contractor needs to submit weekly reports for Work Orders but doesn’t have the time to extract files. This feature ensures no email is lost and admin tasks are completed efficiently and on time.


Episode 2: Risk Priority Matrix

ON DEMAND WEBINAR | Duration: 13:40 minutes

In this episode we exploring the Risk Priority Matrix:

As part of performing work, there are inherent risks that need to be understood and mitigated. So, grab a cuppa, and join us to find out how your business can incorporate a Risk Priority Matrix into your Works Management process to assist in highlighted risks, their likelihood and consequence, and possible risk management approaches.



Episode 3: Safety Bulletin

ON DEMAND WEBINAR | Duration: 16:06 minutes

In this episode we explore the Safety Bulletin:

We all understand the importance of safety in the work place, and in this episode we will take you through our Safety Bulletin application and how it can help you manage and review the actions related to it.




Episode 4: Accelerator Intro - Oil and Gas

ON DEMAND WEBINAR | Duration: 36:49 minutes

In this episode we explore our Maximo Accelerator solutions for Oil and Gas:

Our Oil and Gas Accelerator solution provides an enhanced platform to support industry best practice by using preconfigured templates.

As a result, Maximo is up and running quicker and at less cost than a standard implementation and delivers value quicker across the enterprise with a solution that we know organizations will utilize.


Episode 5: SharePoint Adapter for Maximo

ON DEMAND WEBINAR | Duration: 19:54 minutes

In this episode we explore our SharePoint Adapter for Maximo:

If you use SharePoint Online with IBM Maximo you most probably experience issues with the ability to direct print attachments. This incompatibility often results in inefficiencies and workarounds. In this Tea Break Teaser Episode BPD Zenith demonstrate their SharePoint Online Integration feature which reinstates the Maximo direct print functionality with SharePoint Online URLs.


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