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by | Oct 19, 2018

Future-proofing your EAM

Asset-intensive organisations of all sizes are challenged with how to maximise their assets throughout their lifecycle. From sockets to rockets – every business-critical asset must be constantly monitored, managed and maintained. Inventory and production must be managed, and employees need to be scheduled.
Many of these organisations have started on the journey towards more efficient use of assets and more effective use of data. With an asset management system like Maximo in place, they have the key to better managing their assets from a single, common platform.
This is important because:

  • Paper-based processes, reactive maintenance and “firefighting” is an inefficient and expensive way of working!
  • Running applications and data in silos limits the effectiveness of cross-organisational operations and efficiencies
  • Good quality data provides reliable analysis for better decisions
  • Managing cost maintains jobs
  • Planning improves effectiveness
  • Scheduling improves efficiency

Organisations using Maximo can significantly reduce unplanned maintenance costs, increase operational efficiency, and improve regulatory compliance simply by working to eliminate reactive repairs. However, some challenges exist. With a perceived high cost of implementation, a lack of understanding of just were to start and a generally risk adverse culture, this all acts as a barrier to the adoption of new systems and the realisation of the potential benefit of the asset management journey.

Here to Help

To help everyone benefit from Maximo and our depth of experience, BPD Zenith has been investing heavily in its industry solutions over the last 18 months. This set of ‘ready to get started’ Maximo Accelerator solutions covers a range of industry sectors including:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Facilities Management
  • – Airports
  • – Ports
  • – Universities
  • Manufacturing
  • Offshore Wind

Learn from Experience

Each Maximo Accelerator solution is tailored to the specific industry. Whilst Maximo provides a great foundation, we have found that it is rarely used out-of-the-box. Our deep industry knowledge has enabled us preconfigure Maximo with additional functionality and processes to build a more complete solution that we know organisations will use. As a result, Maximo is up and running quicker and cheaper than a standard implementation therefore delivering value quicker across the entire enterprise.

Preconfigured with Extra Value 

The solutions have been built with extra value by our dedicated product development team who liaise with Maximo end users to understand their challenges. They are also backed by our global team of SMEs and local support teams who can be onsite or offsite depending on your requirements and budget.

  • Master Data Sets (Asset Types, Classifications, Crafts, Currency Codes, Failure Codes, Measurement Units, Work Order Codes)
  • Business Process workflows to suit your industry
  • Industry Specific Applications
  • Optimised Work Order Applications
  • Role-based Start Centres
  • Simplified Screens
  • Security Groups/Access Control
  • KPI, Reporting, Analytics Dashboards
  • ISO Standards and Industry Standards
  • Security improvements
  • Optional Industry Benchmarking

It’s a journey, not a destination

BPD’s Maximo solutions are the beginning of your journey. They can be used as a starting point or configured to suit your more unique requirements. Either way, you can begin loading data into a fully operational Maximo system quickly and get back to what you do best.
With a phased project approach, we aim to support you through change and transformation, from mastering the basics of maintenance to delivering a leading enterprise asset management solution. We do this by guiding you through the asset management maturity curve – helping you to understand where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there.
You can subsequently grow your Maximo footprint at your own pace. whether this is adding additional users, projects or sites, or rolling out more features and functionality.

Flexibility in Delivery and Licenses

All our Maximo solutions can be delivered on-premise, hosted, or via SaaS (MaxiCloud).  We encourage you to access Maximo in the way that best suits your organisation and industry. That is why BPD Zenith provides a range of offerings appealing to smaller, less mature users through to more advanced users wanting to customise their Maximo image.
Large asset-centric enterprises may have already invested in their own Maximo licenses or prefer complete control over the network security and upgrade path.
Perhaps you have a specialist IT department in house. Hosted options are available to remove the need for costly infrastructure and manpower.
Or maybe you have budget constraints or limited resources. Our MaxiCloud clients need not concern themselves with the physical IT infrastructure, nor the operation or management of it. BPD provision and manage the Maximo environment using local Data Centres with the highest levels of security and resilience. This is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a flexible and reliable system, and need to free up time, resources and budget in your business. The truth is, the decision to move to a cloud model can be driven by a variety of motivations.

“I need to reduce fixed costs”
“I need to meet data localisation requirements”
“I need a scalable solution that grows with my business”
“I need a licensing structure that matches my usage patterns”
“I need to be able to rapidly deploy new functionalities”

Getting started is simply a matter of understanding which option is best suited to your operations!

Building for the Future

As a BPD customer you become part of a mature community of Maximo users, benefitting from continuous improvement and support developed for our Maximo Accelerator clients.
Together, we are building a powerful network of organisations and partners committed to advancing asset management to achieve success sooner, safer and more efficiently.

What challenge can we help you solve today?

If you want to find out more about how our Maximo solutions can help your organisation get started with Maximo, visit or contact your local BPD representative.

Helen Fisher

Helen Fisher

As a UK Business Development Manager at BPD Zenith, Helen enjoys supporting Maximo journeys and being an active member of the user community. She is particularly interested in looking at asset management beyond traditional maintenance. Helen believes we will begin to see organizations investing more in Business Intelligence, Asset Performance Management, the Internet of Things and Predictive Analytics. In her spare time, Helen loves running, cooking, travelling and music.


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