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by | Jul 20, 2020

Meet the Team – Alhaji Akbar

1. What is your position at BPD Zenith?

I am the coordinator for the Support team, and I coordinate the support in handling tickets for various clients. I also help Adrian (COO Asia Pacific) create reports for clients. As a technical consultant, I am also responsible for looking after some tickets by myself.

2. What led you to choose this career path?

I chose to venture into IT as I have a Maths background and I found IT to be quite similar to Maths.

3. Which part of your job do you most enjoy?

Solving problems for clients. To resolve a ticket-related issue, we need to investigate the route of the cause to understand any issues that may arise. As I have a strong mathematical background, any problem-solving activity is very interesting to me.

4. What do you like about working at BPD Zenith?

I enjoy the friendly environment and flexibility in working hours/conditions.

5. What are the values that drive you?

Upholding honesty to your colleagues, managers, and clients. If you have made a mistake, it’s important to own up to it and work towards fixing it.

~ Alhaji in South Africa with Indonesia’s International Mathematical Olympiads (IMO) ~

6. What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

I enjoy playing sports, particularly football, soccer, and badminton with my sons.

~ Alhaji in Bunaken National Park, Indonesia ~

7. If you were not a Maximo consultant, what alternative career path would you have chosen and why?

I have 20 years of experience teaching Math at University level so I probably would have still been involved in that career if I did not choose to venture into IT/asset management.

8. What’s a work-related accomplishment that you’re really proud of?

I am happy when I find that clients are happy with my work considering I’m relatively new to this field of work. They like the way I explain and resolve their Maximo-related issues.

9. What’s your favourite way to unwind after a busy day?

Get some sleep.

10. What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend?

Running errands such as taking my wife to the shops and taking my kids to their extracurricular activities. Occasionally, we will also visit extended family members and have a BBQ together.

~ Alhaji in Nottingham, UK ~

Alhaji Akbar

Alhaji Akbar

Alhaji is a Maximo Technical Consultant with a sound mathematical background. He enjoys his role with the ANZ region and bring his keen problem solving skills to all client work. Additionally, he oversees the Support Team at BPD Zenith and is committed to ensuring that the consultants maintain a high standard of quality when providing support services. He takes pride in ensuring that the client’s expectations are exceeded. During his leisure time, he enjoys playing badminton and chess.


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