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by | Nov 28, 2017

Limit the Number of Queries Visible in an Application in Maximo

At the MaxTECH User Group last week, one of the attendees came up with the idea that it would be great if you could identify a persongroup or persongroups to see a specific public query in an application.

So, they created a table called QUERYPERSONGROUP and modified their Query Manager application to allow the user to add persongroups to a query.

We then set up a conditional expression that will only display a query under the following conditions: If the user is the owner it will be displayed, if it is a PUBLIC Query and there are no persongroups linked to the query it will be displayed, and finally if it is a PUBLIC Query and there is a persongroup and the user is in the persongroup it will be displayed.

This conditional expression is used in the Security Groups application for the MAXEVERYONE security group as a Data Restriction on the QUERY Object. It applies to all applications in Maximo.

The screenshot below shows the list of queries for the Work Order Tracking Application (T&D) and highlights that only 1 public query is being displayed. There are 2 public queries, but the second one is only supposed to be displayed if you are a member of a specific persongroup.

This is a GREAT way to manage the huge list of queries that can populate an application in Maximo.

If you would like to see the complete implementation instructions for this enhancement to Maximo please contact me directly.  Full credit goes to Jason Kingdon for the idea and we collaborated on the solution.

Stephen Hume

Stephen Hume

Stephen Hume is a seasoned Maximo Consultant working for BPD Zenith (Canada). He is a keen presenter at the following user group meetings: Facility Management Maximo User Group, Maximo Utility Working Group, Western Canada Maximo User Group, Canadian Maximo User Group, IBM Pulse, IBM Interconnect. His presentation topics have included; Upgrade Lessons Learned; Health Safety and Environment in Maximo; Mobile Incident Reporting using Maximo Anywhere; How to Prepare for and Survive an IBM Audit; Throw Away the Log Books with Maximo Operator Logs.


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