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by | Oct 1, 2019

BPD Zenith demonstrates Connected Assets capability at Tech Data Live

Tech Data Live 2019

BPD Zenith joined trusted advisor Tech Data on the IoT solution zone to showcase its Connected Assets solutions.

~ The demo was created by BPD Zenith product development with the help of Tech Data ~

Connected Assets – Asset Health Monitoring: Fan Demo

In this scenario, BPD showcased how IoT could be used in a real world situation to gather data from an asset in a remote location and gain an understanding of the conditions of its working life through the use of the IoT platform and Asset Health Monitoring.

For the demo, we set up two fans in Tech Data’s offices and had them running and connected to the IoT platform. We used sensors to track the temperature and vibration of the fans. This data was sent over MQTT to a message broker, in this case it was the IoT platform/connection service. Once inside of the IoT platform we were able to see the data coming in at real-time in a JSON format.  We were then able to use the catalogue on IBM Cloud to connect our platform instance to a node-red instance. From here we were able to manipulate the data into a format that we could then use within Maximo. Once this was complete we would be able to send the data from the sensors into Maximo via REST calls.

Inside of Maximo we created two assets (one for each of the fans) gave them a location and an asset ID. We created meters for the assets which could be filled from the sensor data coming in through the REST calls. We could then access the condition monitoring area of Maximo to add minimum and maximum thresholds for temperature and vibration and start to create a vision of how the fans operate throughout the day.

With the fans now set up as assets with locations and condition, we could access the asset health insights application within Maximo to start to visualize how the fan operates from over time graphs down to health scores. This was based on how often the fans would leave the optimal thresholds (one of the fans is set up with a weighted blade).

~ Maximo Asset Health Insights (MAHI) ~

Understanding the data is the first step towards understanding assets and with the help of Asset Health Monitoring we can see when assets are not behaving as they should. The idea around maintenance changes from reactive to proactive (and through to predictive), and this is a constantly improving process – the more data you can gather the better the insights provided.

Connected Assets – BIM Demo

The second demonstration followed the same idea as the one above, only this time we were looking at a facility instead of a fan. Here we were interested in IBM’s Dublin office.

~ BIM in Maximo ~

This demo showed how you connect sensors up to the IoT platform and into Maximo, as well as using a BIM 3D image of a building to aid maintenance workers when trying to find hard to reach assets that have caused issues or are hidden away behind other objects. This could then be further aided by the use of AR technology.

The sensor we are using is an Enocean CO2 sensor which has three different variables – CO2, Temperature and humidity. Other sensors we could have used in this demo include pipe mounted temperature sensors or current sensors. Both have their own use cases like legionnaires monitoring or identifying faulty power supplies.

The actual setup of a demo or PoC involving BIM is minimal. Many buildings now require a BIM model to be made during construction and this can easily be given access to from the building managers. The importing of these images as Cobie files is easily done within Maximo.

Find out more about BPD and Connected Assets

Connected Assets – IoT

Joe McKay

Joe McKay

Joe is an IoT Technical Sales Specialist at BPD Zenith and joined us through the IBM Champions for Growth programme. His role is to help the business development teams, providing demonstrations and technical knowledge on how IoT offerings could help clients in their business. Joe is also assisting our Delivery and Support teams to implement and support these solutions.


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