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by | Feb 26, 2020

Maximo UK&I User Group, London 2019 – Maximo: Modernized, Mobile and Connected

From one amazing city to another

After a fantastic Maximo User Group in Dublin, Ireland last April (check out previous blog here), BPD Zenith were delighted to attend the second event of 2019 which was held at IBM’s Southbank Headquarters in London on 14th November.

~ IBM Southbank, London – venue for UK&I Maximo User Group ~

Having arrived in London a little later than expected, I threw my bag into the hotel room and headed straight for the networking meet-up on the evening before the main event. Held at The Auberge, there was something to nibble and sip, while we each introduced ourselves or caught up with acquaintances. It was great to meet some familiar faces in such a friendly and casual atmosphere, meaning that when we arrived at the venue the following day, the ice was well and truly broken! I was on the lookout for IBM’s Russ McKay, as his son Joe McKay recently joined BPD and told me to keep my eyes out for him. He was clearly doing the same, as several people told me I must be ‘the one with the beard from BPD that Russ is looking for…’

The following morning, we all met at IBM’s beautiful HQ at Southbank, met by a wonderful breakfast spread (with some discussing business and others comparing hangovers). Richard Barber welcomed us all and went through the day’s agenda, introducing us to the event sponsors (IBM, Samsung, Burman, ECCS, Peacock Engineering and our training partner Electra Learning) before getting presentations underway.

~ UK&I Maximo User Group Sponsors ~

Maximo Roadmap – Pam Denny, IBM

The day of presentations, news, opinions, tips and updates on IBM Maximo began with Pam Denny. Pam kicked things off with the 2020 Maximo Roadmap including the latest on Anywhere and the future of EAM – Asset Performance Management.

~ Pam Denny from IBM with latest Maximo Roadmap news ~

The Roadmap promised big things to come in 2020 as the Maximo portfolio continues to grow and develop. User interfaces will become common across the Maximo suite, with streamlined simplification of the toolkit and focus on Asset Performance Management. Building on the insight that data from IoT and sensor technology have offered Maximo users; IBM see the future of EAM enhanced by these features and have added extra tools to the kit. MAHI becomes Maximo Health, standing alongside Maximo Predict (failure probability, anomaly detection, etc.) and Maximo Monitor (machine leaning, digital twins, etc.) to offer a comprehensive range of asset health monitoring solutions.

Improvements and modernization of Work Centres will offer some nifty features making simple tasks more efficient such as voice guided inspections and QR scanning. Maximo Anywhere 7.6.4 will get its biggest overhaul yet. The removal of middleware components and streamlined architecture will allow a much improved user experience, with data quality enhancement and immediate business decision making across all popular mobile platforms. We expect another Anywhere update Q1 2020!

Samsung – Mobile Tech of the Future

Pam also touched on mobile devices and mentioned the available Samsung devices. These work well with Maximo and have proven to be robust and fit for purpose in most situations.

~ Sam Shopland from Samsung making IBM Maximo mobile ~

Sam Shopland from Samsung explained a little more about the devices and spoke about ‘tech of the future’ and some other features that could enhance Maximo use such as the device becoming a ‘desktop’ when connected to a monitor, AI and Augmented Reality. New features coming to Maximo using the latest device capabilities have been tried and tested using Samsung devices and drastically improve data cleanliness with improved data capture techniques.

Maximo Global Roll Out – Data – Andreas Diamanti, Swissport

Andreas Diamanti followed with a presentation on the global Maximo implementation for Swissport. An implementation of this scale came with inevitable issues. Andreas went through some of the main issues encountered and explained how Swissport dealt with these effectively.

For example, ‘out of the box’ Maximo data loading requires technical expertise beyond an average user’s comprehension. Swissport trained Super Users in each region on how to leverage the EAM Data Management tool to create Excel templates and load them into Maximo. This was easy to use and distributed the workload globally.

Data cleanliness was also an issue. They overcame this by implementing strict policies and procedures around data quality checks and approvals, and by automating as much data cleansing and identification as possible. With no easy way to correct mass amounts of data in Maximo, Swissport leveraged the EAM Data Management tool to push updates to a mass number of records, also using the tool to perform “Mass Delete” function for duplicate records.

~ Andreas Diamanti from Swissport at the  UK&I Maximo User Group ~

Upgrade to Maximo 7.6 and Fingertip – Kenny McAneaney, NIEN

Kenny McAneaney introduced us to NIE – The Northern Ireland Electricity Network – and their journey so far with Maximo. As well as upgrading to the latest version, NIE previously used Syclo as their mobile solution and replaced it with ‘Fingertip’ to incorporate mapping facilities and an improved user experience.

While they currently use 2 versions of Maximo; one of which is heavily customized and the other a relatively ‘vanilla’ version. At some stage in the future their goal is to centralize those into 1 main implementation.

They found that flexibility was essential to stay within budget and minimize disruption, realizing that configuration over customization allows for a more scalable solution. Features such as Mapping and Ad Hoc Reporting increased performance and productivity, showing an increase in developmental opportunities and real business improvement.

Navigating the Digital Hype – James Cooper, AMCL

James Cooper gave an interesting presentation on decision making and the tools now available to ensure these are made correctly at every level within the organization. He spoke about what digital actually means to people at different levels of the business, and links the decisions made and timescales at these levels.

These technological advances have allowed the development of some now essential tools for Asset Management, which have in turn had a huge effect on the complete Enterprise Asset Management journey. IoT connected devices can provide the necessary data for Asset Performance Management, which offers predictive and prescriptive analytics. We then have the capabilities and tools to maximize the life cycle of each individual asset with improved maintenance processes, avoiding unnecessary outages and increasing return on investment.

Turning Tables on The Speakers

Having presented their topics to the group, attendees split into 5 groups, and it was then chance for us to pose our questions to them. There were 5 designated areas with each presenter allowed 20 minutes to be ‘grilled’ by the group with their questions on that topic before moving on to the next area in rotation.

As well as discussing some of the problems faced and how these were overcome, this was also a great chance to get to know the other attendees. There was a clear appetite for this and suggestions were made for more time to be allowed in the breakout areas. The UK&I Maximo User Group committee were already ahead of the game.

Coming in 2020… Next Level Asset Management

At the end of the day, Terrence O’Hanlan and Maura Abad shared some exciting announcements! They represent Reliabilityweb and organize MaximoWorld – the largest global Maximo user event, currently only held once a year in Orlando, Florida, US. They shared the news that they would be more involved with the next Maximo User Group in the UK.

~ Johnny meets Terrence O’Hanlan and Maura Abad from Reliabilityweb at the UK&I Maximo User Group ~ 

They have put together a series of benchmarking questionnaires to find out exactly how we manage our assets today, designed to offer some insight into modern Enterprise Asset Management and where it may develop into the future. They intend on sharing their learnings at the next event in May, which will be held over 2 days for the first time ever!

Extending the event is testament to the great work the Maximo User Group committee do; attendance increases at each event, which is also testament to the user group itself and its thirst for finding and sharing knowledge and experience – improving Maximo for everyone!

~ Another great UK & I Maximo User Group at IBM HQ in Southbank, London, UK ~

We are really looking forward to the next user group which is due to be held in Edinburgh on the 19-20 May 2020. BPD are really excited to be more involved in the next UK&I MUG with lots to share with you. We can’t wait to see you all there!

If you’d like to get involved or find out more, use the links below to register your interest…

Register for the next Maximo UK&I Group

Previous MUG: Dublin 2019

Benchmarking Questionnaires

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Jonathan Nichols

Jonathan Nichols

Johnny joined BPD Zenith as UK Marketing Coordinator, with a passion for Efficiency and Optimisation. Responsibilities now include EMEA and global activities, events and projects. In the relatively short time he’s been with BPD Zenith, he has seen big changes across the industry, not just at BPD! Johnny is excited about the development of EAM technologies and the integration of tools and enhancements that can drive more value and return on investment to our end users. His other passion is music - writing, recording and producing original material and playing live with bands and solo – whenever possible!


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