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by | May 20, 2020

Maximo 8.0 – Enabling efficient, reliable and sustainable equipment operations during a time of disruption

During this time of disruption, we are all having to reinvent the ways we live, work and communicate. IBM’s IoT Exchange event was no different and was replaced last week with an innovative digital academy. This is an ongoing virtual environment that will be refreshed throughout the year – a place for you to bookmark and return for IBM Maximo sessions and resources.  

IBM Maximo Academy Keynote

Joe Berti’s keynote, ‘Enable efficient, reliable and sustainable equipment operations during a time of disruption’, addressed the need for Maximo to keep up with new operating models and reinvent itself for a new era of asset management. The benefits for those willing to bring the physical and digital together are big!

The journey to transform your business starts with Maximo EAM – Manage. Maximo has been leading the charge for over 15 years and the best is yet to come! Monitor enables condition-based maintenance and leverages your existing infrastructure and data. If you don’t have a SCADA system, don’t worry, you can leverage all kinds of systems or device partners to collect data from multiple sources. Feeding into this is Visual Inspection, using AI and cameras to inspect failures and detect anomalies – integrated with Maximo. The next step is defining the Health of your assets and integrating your maintenance and reliability teams. Establishing a digital footprint when you’re missing key information is addressed by IBM’s new Digital Twin Exchange. Finally, Predict is the holy grail taking you on the predictive maintenance journey!

In addition, the role of the technician is changing – they are more connected, with better access and demand information at their fingertips. Our existing and most experienced technicians will need to provide remote collaboration enthused with AI. Maximo Assist is a solution which continuously learns over time to help address a skills gap and ageing workforce.

Maximo 8.0 (or Maximo Application Suite)

IBM’s headline announcement is that all of these solutions are now available as part of Maximo 8.0 or the Maximo Application Suite – ran in the IBM Cloud and powered by Red Hat’s OpenShift. With a new simplified committed term licensing model, users have access to a suite that has everything they’ll ever need with one single entitlement, taking them all the way from Manage to Predict.  Most importantly right now, being able to pay for what you are using during rapidly changing or disruptive circumstances will help you maintain resiliency and business continuity.

Maximo 8.0 Demo

Brendan Crotty then took us through a demonstration of using the Maximo Application Suite for unifying operations.  When you log in you can easily switch between applications. In this example, the Operations Manager logs into Monitor. He chooses his Dashboard view to see the key metrics his team are measured against such as site availability and equipment effectiveness. He looks at the factory view and sees an alarm over a site, He can then view the associated detail and filter down further to the asset level.

Once in the detailed view, he looks at production downtime graph to ascertain – was this planned? No! This is therefore a big problem which must to be resolved quickly or will result in missed revenue. He sees 3 high severity alerts and an anomaly detected on the torque of a robotic arm. There is a problem with a motor which needs to be fixed.

He is able to create a Service Request and a dialog box is populated with all the key information and sends the SR directly into Maximo. The SR number is populated on the corresponding rows and hyperlinked to Maximo. He doesn’t need to go between applications. With the Work Orders in place, he can continue with his day.

The Job is assigned to a Work Technician who is alerted on his smart device immediately. He opens the WOs and heads to the storeroom to pick up materials for the job. He issues the materials and can start work. He performs an inspection on the WO and determines the motor on the arm is close to failure and needs to be replaced. Maximo generates tasks to complete. When he begins, he realises he is not completely sure how to replace one of the motors. The technician clicks on Maximo Assist for help. Assist leverages AI with human expertise to provide guidance on the correct actions – from manufacturer or owner manuals, historical WOs, and even custom training repository. Assist shows him recommendations on how to replace the asset along with confidence levels. The top recommendation looks right to him. He views the instruction document and can complete the repair. He now has what he needs to complete the repair! He marks the WO as complete, selects done and closes out the WO.

The final persona is the Reliability Engineer whose primary role is to identify and manage asset reliability risks that affect plant or business operations. After hearing about the failure, they log into Health and Predict to see if there are any other trends towards similar problems.  They are able to query low health scores, missing data and a high probability of predicted failure.

The problem assets are highlighted. When looking closer, she can see that another robot arm has decreased to poor health, so she investigates further. She can view all the asset health indicators including criticality, age and replacement costs compared to maintenance costs, to better understand the risk. She can see the health has dropped recently indicating a problem. She can also see condition data from Monitor and scrolls to see predictive failure models. She is able to see that a failure is predicted in 90 days with a 10-day confidence range. Before creating a WO, she reviews the maintenance history for the asset then takes action by creating a WO. An inspection determines a replacement is needed.  The Technician is assigned WO and fixes before it becomes a problem. A few weeks pass and after proactively using Maximo to address risks – the operations and reliability engineers can now see equipment effectiveness has improved above target levels and that the problem assets are performing well with much fewer failures.

In summary, IBM has demonstrated the Maximo Application Suite is integrated for a unified view of your operations. This is all delivered together in Maximo 8.0. It can even be deployed with your existing Maximo installation. This allows for a complete view of your asset lifecycle management in order to better understand the full spectrum of maintenance activities needed. IBM are delivering the next generation of EAM by bringing your critical assets and people together. 

New Digital Twin Exchange

For the new operating model to work, you need data. For asset intensive industries, you cannot have AI without a Digital Twin. The DT is that system of truth. It’s all of the digital resources you need to own and operate business effectively. Here is an overview of a Digital Twin at IBM:

Depending on what kind of business value you want to unlock there are all of these different pieces to unlock. But how do you get started if there’s so much going on? IBM has a new offering! This is the answer to getting started.

IBM’s Digital Twin Exchange is like an ecommerce site to share digital resources for your assets. It allows manufacturers, OEMs and third-party content providers to share digital resources as Digital Twins. Data ranges widely from bill of materials to maintenance plans to AI models. You don’t have to have Maximo but if you do there is a tight integration. When you find what you need, you simply add it to your cart, purchase it and check out.  Then you can head into Maximo go to the Asset area and select Import digital data – digital twin. This pulls the records that you’ve purchased and sets them up in Maximo. This becomes the missing link!

Why not sign up and play around:

Continued Investment for the Next 15!

IBM is continuing to make the essential investments you need to drive more intelligent asset operations. The Maximo Application Suite will allow for a more fluid experience with tools and data to execute on all your activities. The user experience continues to be modernised and product is being delivered an unprecedented rate. IBM Maximo has an amazing legacy but cannot rest on its laurels! IBM are therefore working day and night to establish Maximo as a leader for the next 15 years and you can count on BPD Zenith to be right there with them!



Helen Fisher

Helen Fisher

As a UK Business Development Manager at BPD Zenith, Helen enjoys supporting Maximo journeys and being an active member of the user community. She is particularly interested in looking at asset management beyond traditional maintenance. Helen believes we will begin to see organizations investing more in Business Intelligence, Asset Performance Management, the Internet of Things and Predictive Analytics. In her spare time, Helen loves running, cooking, travelling and music.


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