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by | May 1, 2017

Which Standard IBM Maximo Mobile Solution fits into my Organization?

When it comes to mobility solutions for Maximo, most people think first of the standard IBM offerings (there are also a lot of third-party options available). IBM currently has 3 out-of-the-box solutions including Maximo Mobile Suites (discontinued), Maximo Everyplace, and Maximo Anywhere.

  1. Maximo Anywhere: a set of powerful resources for building and deploying mobile applications that integrate with Maximo
  2. Maximo Everyplace: a mobile browser optimized access to Maximo on small, mobile screens
  3. Maximo Mobile Suite: no longer being developed so will leave out of comparison.

So, which standard IBM Maximo mobile solution fits into your organization? To make the decision easier, let’s consider some of the important dimensions such as front end capabilities and license requirements.




 Front End – Each app is optimized for specific roles and tasks to make the User & Maximo interactions quick and effective. For example, the Asset Data Manager app provides Asset Managers with audited asset tracking and editing.

– Apps are compatible with: Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Connected and disconnected modes are supported.

– Users can access any existing Maximo application on an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Android device without installing anything on the devices. The mobile layout is optimized and is best used on a large mobile or tablet screen.
– Only connected mode is supported.
 Back End – MobileFirst server is required Middleware that will exist between the Maximo Anywhere app and the Maximo server.

– Direct connection to Core Maximo, no additional server required.
 Timeline – Implementing the OOTB product with a simple app distribution model typically takes a month. Customization requires specific resource and knowledge and is therefore much more time intensive. – Implementing the OOTB product can be done in couple of days.
 Design – Need to consider roles related to individual apps. Be careful when planning the mobile workflow processes as these need to be consistent with the desktop processes. – Easy design as it has the same framework as standard Maximo.
 Implementation – Development on mobile side requires an integrated Apple iOS, Google Android, or Microsoft Windows Mobile development environment. – Standard Maximo development rules applies.
Licenses Flexible license options:

  1. Mobile Add-on: Maximo Desktop User license can be extended with Mobile license
  2. Mobile only: Mobile only users, with no desktop access
  3. Trade up from Everyplace license
  4. Migrate existing Maximo Mobile license for customers who already using Maximo Mobile Suite (previous mobile product line of Maximo, no longer developed)

Optional licenses:
-MDM solution
-iOS, Microsoft developer licenses

Licensing depends on the version of Maximo you use:

  1. Maximo 7.5: License required, typically volume based license model
  2. Maximo 7.6: Free, included with the release of version 7.6 for anyone to use


One of the most important considerations for choosing a mobile product is the environment they will be used in. Do you need to work disconnected or connected? Or could you be in an environment where you will need to have the ability to work in both?
If you have remote or dispersed assets located far from a stable WiFi connection then Maximo Anywhere is a no brainer. In disconnected mode, the core system is updated in real-time when a connection is available. This enables your technicians to enter data into the app instantly from most devices, reducing miscommunication and double data entry. Many of the apps can be used with little configuration and allow your remote teams to be able to function immediately in the field. Maximo Anywhere also benefits from enhanced functionality such as Map Routing, GPS Capturing, Signature Capturing, and RFID Scanning.
For organizations who want to access Maximo data without any specific mobile requirements then Maximo Everyplace is worth considering. It is very simple to set up so you can start your mobile journey quickly. The main advantage of course is that Everyplace is now included for free with your Maximo 7.6 license.

If your organization needs help defining and implementing its Mobile Strategy, please contact us.

Norbert Figura

Norbert Figura

Norbert is a customer-focused ERP, Business Intelligence and Integration professional at BPD Zenith (Canada). He has 15+ years of worldwide project experience in software development and consulting including successful implementations in Maximo, SAP and Oracle. Norbert has strong communication and organization skills, enjoying responsibility and ownership at all stages of the planning and execution lifecycle. He has gained solid analytical and problem solving skills and has the ability to implement innovative and profitable solutions on time and to budget. Industry focus: Utility, Oil and Gas, Facility Management.


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