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Dec 5, 2017

Maximo Feature Pack

What’s new in the Maximo Feature Pack?

New features and capabilities in the Maximo Asset Management feature pack include:

  • Work Center improvements: Work Supervision and Work Execution
  • Inspection Tools enhancements
  • Maximo Multitenancy enhancements

New views in the Work Supervision and Work Execution Work Centers to efficiently manage the work of your team

Enhancements in the Work Supervision Work Center include new options to organize and manage work orders. You can now view work orders by progress and status as well as create work orders for Assets and Locations and specify who completes the work, when the work is planned for, and the tasks and items that are needed.
You can also view the actual cost of labor and items after work completed. Before you complete a work order in the Work Execution Work Center, you can report the actual time that you spent completing the work and the items that you used by selecting Report Work.
In addition, you can also add and view any comments or attachments to the work order.

New work management actions in inspections

Enhancements to the Inspections tools include changes that facilitate work management in the Inspection tools:

  • Create a work order from inspection results and automatically add it to the Work Execution Work Center
  • View and record details of inspection forms including revision history and related work orders
  • Associate active inspections with job plans and job tasks
  • View related inspection forms in the Work Centers
  • Complete questions in inspection forms by using attachments or meters as a response type
  • Create and complete inspections in the Assets, Locations, and Work Order Tracking applications

New in Maximo Asset Management Multitenancy

Enhancements in Maximo Multitenancy include a new system property for accessing template data in multitenancy environments; the Migration Manager application for migrating configuration content from one product environment to another in a planned and controlled process; and a new process for importing reports including new Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) reports which are automatically added, so system providers no longer have to add them manually. 


  • Multi-Tenant improvements
  • Migration Manager and Tenant specific backups/restores
  • Cognos 11 (supported)
  • DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server V11.1.1 (certified/entitled)
  • WAS V9.0 (certified/entitled)
  • Cumulative bug fixes
BPD Global Group awarded ISO 27001 Certification

BPD Global Group awarded ISO 27001 Certification

BPD Global Group are pleased to announce that we have been awarded ISO 27001 certification across our entire business. ISO is the world's largest developer and creator of standards that specify worldwide requirements for products, services, processes, materials and...

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