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Oct 23, 2019

BPD Zeniths wins IBM's Watson IoT Excellence Award for Business Development

BPD Zenith has been named as the winner of the Watson IoT Excellence Award for Business Development for 2019 at the Watson IoT Business Partner Council event in Munich. BPD Zenith is one of only 30 Global Top Business Partners in the Watson IoT Investment programme.
This award was chosen by a panel of IBMers looking for IBM Business Partners that are investing in and building ecosystems to deliver real business value for their clients through innovation. BPD Zenith was selected because they are recognized as a leader in developing IoT solutions infused with Maximo to provide a complete view of asset health and maintenance.

“It was great to see our business partner BPD Zenith receive the IBM Watson IoT Business Development award and be recognized for their contributions in this space. A well-deserved recognition. I look forward to continuing our working relationship and wishing them continued success and growth.” – Philippe Rycroft, Global Investment Partnerships at IBM Watson Internet of Things

George Lightfoot and Graeme Sharp, global CEOs, received the award on behalf of BPD Zenith while attending the IBM Business Partner Council event in Munich.

“This achievement is a proud moment for me and the business. It is a testament to the efforts of our global team and vision for the future of Maximo offerings. BPD sees the future as being very bright for Maximo and our clients because of the introduction of IoT.” – George Lightfoot, CEO, UK & North America at BPD Zenith
“It’s always a pleasure to be recognized by your peers for all the hard work and dedication everyone at BPD Zenith makes every day. It is particularly pleasing, however, to be recognized by IBM, a leader in IoT, AI, Asset Management, Worker Insights and technology of the future. This is an esteemed accolade and one the entire team at BPD can be proud of. This gives us the confidence to keep delivering outstanding solutions for our Clients that improve their businesses. Well done team!” – Graeme Sharp, CEO, Asia Pacific at BPD Zenith

BPD Zenith was joined by trusted advisor and partner Tech Data who have been instrumental in supporting BPD Zenith’s connected assets offerings. Customers can access coherent end-to-end solutions from complementary Tech Data vendors.

“BPD Zenith are on a journey to deliver innovation to their clients in asset management. They are winning awards and new business, reinforcing their belief in that innovation.  We at Tech Data are proud to part of that journey, in working hand in hand to build out the operational technology and integrate this with the BPD MaxiCloud platform. BPD Zenith and Tech Data, together we are delivering real business value to our clients Worldwide.” – Craig Smith, VP IoT and Analytics Europe at Tech Data

As an IBM Gold Accredited Business Partner and leading global implementer of Maximo and IoT solutions, BPD Zenith has extensive knowledge of the asset management journey. Their background in cloud and IoT offerings has provided value to their customers since 2011. The company’s top industries include oil and gas, facilities management and transportation.

“BPD Zenith continues to do things because we believe that they are the right things to do! Once you have a strong Maximo foundation, real-time data sensing and asset health insights is the next cycle that’s coming and is the most exciting thing that we are touching on at the moment to improve better decision making before assets fail.” – George Lightfoot, CEO at BPD Zenith

Today’s enterprise assets are connected in a complex ecosystem. BPD Zenith sees a future fuelled by IoT data and analytics to improve asset reliability and asset health. BPD Zenith offers solutions designed for every stage of the asset management journey, to transform an organization’s operational efficiency and bottom line.
Watson IoT Excellence Award Trophy

The Watson IoT Excellence Award trophy is residing in our Melbourne offices. From left to right: David Small (IBM), Hayden Oliver (BPD), Graeme Sharp (BPD), Mark Michael (BPD), Philippe Rycroft (IBM)

BPD Global Group awarded ISO 27001 Certification

BPD Global Group awarded ISO 27001 Certification

BPD Global Group are pleased to announce that we have been awarded ISO 27001 certification across our entire business. ISO is the world's largest developer and creator of standards that specify worldwide requirements for products, services, processes, materials and...

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