Brisbane Motorway Services

Brisbane Motorway Services tunnels into proactive maintenance with IBM Maximo Linear Asset Manager module.

Bribane Motorway Services

Brisbane Motorway Services (BMS) operate and maintain the 6.8km tolled motorway known as the Clem Jones Tunnel (CLEM7). They required a solution to deliver accurate and timely preventative maintenance programs to ensure the tunnel is able to operate safely for the public, and at maximum efficiency.

We incorporated the Maximo Linear Asset Manager module to help manage the operational status of the road as a continuous asset. BMS is now equipped to manage segments of the tunnel using dynamic segmentation. This simplifies the capture of information about the condition of the roadway for maintenance staff, and provides senior management with timely information to make strategic maintenance decisions.

The flow of information between key stakeholders including field maintenance and operations, administration and finance, and core engineering management teams has helped build a proactive maintenance strategy to extend and monitor asset life and to ensure optimal availability and reliability of the toll road.


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