Australian Maritime Systems

Where the sea meets the cloud – MaxiCloud solution creates administration efficiencies, enhances field work mobility and empowers qualified decision-making

Australian Maritime Systems

Australian Maritime Systems (AMS) began the process of renewing its contract with its biggest client, Australian Maritime Safety Authority. The new contract would require dedicated, targeted innovation and maintenance of an extensive cache of aids including traditional lighthouses, beacons, buoys, Racons, Differential Global Positioning System stations, radars, Automatic Identification System stations, broadcasting tide gauges, wave rider buoys and a weather station.

AMS were contractually obliged to have the best and latest asset management software available. It had be agile enough to adapt to handle growing requirements and more complex capabilities.

AMS’s first port of call was to consult with us on a strategy for smarter operation. After a cost comparison analysis, we deployed our MaxiCloud solution which lowered the entry cost and relieved the IT department of maintaining and supporting the product. The entire project was part of a larger Internet of Things (IoT) journey for AMS. The long term benefit of IoT is to transform the ease and performance of AMS’s work – by improving operational processes with increased access to more detailed data, by providing real-time data, and by creating more efficiencies with connected devices and services.

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