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AGR Group saves thousands in lost production and revenue through consolidated Maximo site databases and improved maintained management.


AGR Group manages oil and gas production plants, based by their nature in remote locations. Their maintenance services division was experiencing difficulties administering on-site information for multiple clients. Maintaining accurate and consolidated site information was becoming increasingly challenging and costly to manage.

Issues that delay or stop oil or gas production can cost tens of thousands – if not hundreds of thousands – in lost production and revenue.

We helped AGR to upgrade to the latest version of Maximo. This provides access to powerful maintenance management capabilities and consolidates several Maximo site databases. Combining the various site databases has delivered significant productivity gains – enabling AGR to reduce costs and improve time to service for clients. With improved data management and scenario planning, AGR can now accurately model different options. This helps identify maintenance regimes to meet the needs of each client based on performance, resourcing or cost.

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