AGR Group

AGR Group saves thousands in lost production and revenue through consolidated Maximo site databases and improved maintained management.


AGR provides on-site maintenance services for clients’ remote oil exploration and production sites, based by their nature in remote locations.


  • Many AGR Group sites were using older versions of Maximo. Differences between legacy Maximo installations and the latest version were significant
  • Maintaining various site information was difficult and costly to manage
  • Wanted to be able to model different maintenance program models to optimise service delivery and reduce costs
  • Slow to respond to business-critical issues


An upgrade to the latest version of Maximo software – with its comprehensive maintenance management features and site database consolidation.


  • Consolidated the various Maximo site databases
  • Delivered productivity gains
  • Improved time-to service for clients
  • Improved data management and scenario planning
  • Managed costs in a highly competitive market


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