BPD Zenith successfully rolls out DataSplice mobility for Melbourne’s EastLink tollway in only 3 months for huge productivity savings.

The A$2.5 billion EastLink freeway is a Public Private Partnership toll road in Melbourne, Australia, operated by ConnectEast. EastLink features interchanges with 4 other freeways and 16 arterial roads, twin 1.6km tunnels, 88 bridges, 26 multilane freeflow tolling gantries, a 35km shared use path, 480 hectares of landscaping and more than 60 wetlands. There are 28 KPIs defined by the EastLink concession deed, 13 of which relate to operation and maintenance of the motorway and associated assets. It is therefore imperative that Asset and Work Order (WO) data is accurate.

After reviewing some of the mobility options available at the time with long standing Maximo partner BPD Zenith, DataSplice was selected as the preferred mobility option for EastLink. The application was easily configurable to their specific requirements for WO field use, data and GPS capture and real-time communication with Maximo via 4G.

DataSplice was rolled out to staff in only 3 months and data can now be captured at the point of execution and reported on via Maximo. With the use of DataSplice forms, asset data can be transferred to asset meters as required. These forms are also saved as an attachment which can be used for third-party auditing purposes. As DataSplice works offline it could also be used as a form of Disaster Recovery (DR).

ConnectEast has been up and running with mobility for 14 months now. Thanks to a smooth implementation the solution has exceeded all their expectations. 

About BPD Zenith and DataSplice

BPD Zenith has a long standing global partnership with DataSplice, selling and implementing their COTS mobility solution. DataSplice provides a complete enterprise level mobile solution for Maximo including Inventory, Work Management, Assets, and Inspections. DataSplice supports the right tool for the job, whether that is iOS, Android, or Windows – working in both connected and disconnected modes. The solutions are designed to achieve high efficiency and smooth user experience. While implementing these mobile solutions, we have found them to be very cost effective, delivering quick ROI, and a high success rate.

BPD is proud of its record number of DataSplice implementations, making them the biggest DataSplice implementers in Australia-New Zealand. 

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