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by | Feb 22, 2021

The evolution of BPD Zenith’s MaxiCloud and Licencing options

The catalyst behind the evolution of the MaxiCloud platform

The evolution of BPD Zenith’s MaxiCloud system came about more than 5 years ago now as a response to clients’ desires for a fully managed Maximo cloud application. The benefits of this new innovative environment were only just starting to resonate with the end user then which include:

  • More efficient and quicker implementations
  • Less reliance on an internally based Maximo system administrator
  • Monthly subscription-based licencing
  • Flexible and scalable licencing that was easily adjusted to meet client demand
  • Upgrades, new versions and patches all available immediately and installed when required at no additional cost

Port Otago was the first client and they were quickly joined by others, realising the benefits and savings noted above, but there were other benefits that would evolve from the MaxiCloud platform and these were in the Maximo Licencing area.
Over the past few years with the introduction of Cloud systems, alternative licencing options have become available to the market. Before considering these alternatives, let’s examine the driving factors for licence change.

  • The end users were seeking far greater value from their licencing spend, as they sought to expand the use of Maximo through their businesses.
  • Clients wanted more flexibility to ramp up licences when demand rose and conversely scale down use during off-peak seasonal periods.
  • Companies wanted to move licencing costs to the OPEX side, rather than the large upfront CAPEX requirement of traditional on-premise licences with the annual support and subscription component.
  • Managers were looking to trial new capability such as Scheduling and Mobility without the risk associated with purchasing a large tranche of licences.

For those companies that were ready and willing for Cloud applications, all these licencing benefits were available through the MaxiCloud platform. This fully managed option became known as Managed Software as a Service (MSaaS). It was a singled dedicated tenancy that provided availability, security and resilience.

But how did you access this licencing power and value if you weren’t able to move to the Cloud?

For these clients this is where the evolution of the MaxiCloud platform provided real benefit. Through the MaxiCloud platform, BPD Zenith became aggregators of Maximo licences providing them to our end clients on a subscription basis (monthly, quarterly or annually to suit the business needs), whilst managing the pool of aggregated licences in the background.
IBM provided other changes to the Maximo licencing landscape such as concurrent licences and more recently have provided token licencing (a consumption-based model). BPD Zenith negotiated licence purchases that rolled up all these benefits (concurrency and consumption) and presented a volume-based licence model to the market, whilst passing on all the flexibility, value and savings that the market now demands.
This model was always available in the MaxiCloud MSaaS platform, but now is also available to client’s maintaining on-premise servers and infrastructure through BPD’s MaxiCloud Licence as a Service (LaaS) model.
The MaxiCloud LaaS model has also been used as a “bridge to cloud” pathway for some clients, as they move from the traditional on-premise system to a fully managed service such as MaxiCloud MSaaS.

~ Different licencing models ~

MaxiCloud LaaS provides the following benefits:

  • Clients can maintain their on-premise or outsourced environments as their own, but move to the LaaS subscription based model immediately upon expiration of their current traditional S&S period.
  • Immediate optimisation of a client’s licence needs, no drawn out process of trading perpetual licences
  • Provides for all the licence flexibility in terms of ramping up or down of licences according to client demand
  • All licences are fully supported with access provided to new versions, patches and fix packs
  • True value of the Maximo licence is realised as the EAM application can be rolled out to more users with significant savings

Whether you’re considering switching licensing models, wondering how BPD Zenith can help your business, or simply want to learn more about the evolution of MaxiCloud – contact us.

Michael Moulton

Michael Moulton

A business development specialist providing advice and guidance to assist people and organizations, understand, navigate and continuously improve their Asset Management journey.


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