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Feb 15, 2019

MaxTECH Premier IMWUC User Group

MaxTECH has being recognized as a Premier User Group for the IBM Middleware User Community. This is a huge achievement after just one year in existence. A testament to the active user community, sponsorship from BPD Zenith and support of IBM.
Finally a big congrats to founder Stephen Hume (IBM Champion 2019, Founder and Facilitator of MaxTECH and Senior Maximo Consultant at BPD Zenith) for his hard work bringing this technical community together.

Come and join us;
Join MaxTECH Linkedin:
Join MaxTECH IMWUC group:
BPD Global Group awarded ISO 27001 Certification

BPD Global Group awarded ISO 27001 Certification

BPD Global Group are pleased to announce that we have been awarded ISO 27001 certification across our entire business. ISO is the world's largest developer and creator of standards that specify worldwide requirements for products, services, processes, materials and...

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