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by | Nov 4, 2021

Maximo Relationships

In this blog I will be explaining what a Maximo Relationship is, how to create one, and, the benefits of having Maximo Relationships.

What is a relationship?

The way in which two or more things are connected, or the state of being connected.Why do we need Maximo relationships?

To retrieve data on objects, you must define the relationships between objects. The Maximo Entity Relationship Document (ERD) describes the Maximo business objects and the logical relationships between them.

In Maximo you can display information virtually through a relationship. Sometimes there are situations in which you may want to display a value from a child table, for the user to see during the session when they are viewing the record. But, the user doesn’t need it to be saved to the parent table.

However, in an Mbo object you can retrieve the related records using Maximo object relationships as defined in the Database Configuration application.

Maximo relationship elements

In Maximo, relationships have the following elements:

  1. Parent Object/Table
  2. Child Object/Table
  3. Where a Clause is simply a snippet of an SQL statement, it joins the Parent and Child MBOs/ Table.

How to create a relationship in Maximo

  1. Use the List tab to select the table for which you want to create a relationship, and then click the Relationships tab.
  2. Click New Row.
  3. In the Relationship field, specify a name.
  4. Create a WHERE clause.
  5. Select a Child Object.
  6. Optional: Type comments in the Remarks field.
  7. Click Save Object.

What are the benefits of Maximo relationships?

  1. Ability to retrieve data from Maximo tables without recreating the table attributes in the table.
  2. Ability to restrict the data that can be visible to User(s) or User group.
  3. Multilevel relationships can be defined to retrieve data.
  4. You can display the related attribute value in the Maximo UI without writing complex code or customization.
  5. The relationship can be defined in the Maximo database configuration without stopping the Maximo services.
  6. You can display additional Information through a Relationship in Maximo.
  7. Mbos obtained via relationship are included in the same transaction as the parent MBO.

Finally, things to consider

Before you create a relationship, review the relationships defined in the database to determine if you can reuse an existing relationship. However, if the definition of a relationship does not match your needs, do not modify the relationship. Instead, create an additional relationship.

Displaying the Users Supervisors Email and Phone Number

For example, use this scenario:

Firstly, display the Person’s Supervisor primary email and phone number next to supervisor name in the Maximo Person application.

Secondly, you can meet the requirement by using the following relationships:

Left Image: Supervisor
Right Image: Primary email

Primary phone

Thirdly, add Phone and Email attributes in People Application:

In conclusion, I hope you learnt some practical applications through this example. If you would like to learn more about Maximo or what BPD Zenith has to offer, contact us at:

Saravanaperumal Sankaranarayanan

Saravanaperumal Sankaranarayanan

Saravanaperumal is a Principal Consultant at BPD Zenith. He has gained IT industry experience encompassing a wide range of skill set, roles and industry verticals. He was involved in business analysis, process designing, requirement gathering, data loading, data mapping, user training and user/system testing. His passion for MRO pushed him towards Maximo. He has implemented and enhanced Enterprise Asset Management systems (IBM Maximo) in Oil & Gas, Nuclear Energy, Transportation Industries clients in America, Europe and ANZ. Out of office, he enjoys spending time with family, long-distance drives, and of course, he follows Cricket and AFL. His favourite home teams are Perth Scorchers and West Coast Eagles.


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