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by | Jun 29, 2020

IBM Maximo Anywhere and its features

IBM® Maximo Anywhere is a next-generation mobile application platform that enables users to securely access IBM Maximo® Asset Management functionality from a mobile device.

Maximo Anywhere provides a suite of connected and disconnected apps that focus on asset, inventory, and work management. The mobile apps seamlessly integrate with Maximo Asset Management to allow mobile users the ease and flexibility of viewing and updating critical information anytime, anywhere. Maximo Anywhere is supported on Android, IOS and Windows, and its configurable nature allows users to customize the app to suit their various business needs.

~ Maximo Anywhere 7. 6. 4 system architecture ~

The new Maximo Anywhere 7.6.4 version supports Maximo Asset Management or later versions.

Features available on the Anywhere App:

Camera and Voice to Text Maximo Anywhere enables organizations to leverage device-specific capabilities, such as using voice-to- text technology and an in-built device camera, instead of requiring an integrated barcode scanner.
Barcode/QR Code support Maximo Anywhere users can also scan barcodes / QR Code for any items or assets (what does this help with?)
RFID support Compared to Bar Codes, RFID tags tend to be more resistant under extreme conditions -especially in areas like processing plants where there is usually increased temperature, high levels of moisture, and the possibility of being tampered with chemicals and oils. Such environments have proven to be too harsh on some of the best weather-resistant Barcodes. Maximo Anywhere supports RFID features.
GPS support GPS Tracking is used to notify a user about assigned work locations which permits them to check workorder locations, asset locations, inventory locations etc.
Push notification The push notification feature on Anywhere can notify users about all incomplete tasks, assigned work and updates e.g. a technician requesting approval from a supervisor.
Attachments Anywhere allows users to add any attachments to a workorder.
E-signature/Real signature Users can include their signature on documents thus validating/approving work coming from a supervisor and/or technician.
Error Handling Error checking ensures that Maximo data validations are being maintained. If an error occurs in an Anywhere module, the user is alerted with a pop-up message that outlines where the error has been made. Errors captured with logs provide opportunity for analysis.
App Version management This feature enables easy migration of Anywhere to an updated version of the app.
Online and Offline Map support Anywhere gives capabilities for using Offline map (ESRI) and Online – ArcGISOnline.

Maximo Anywhere is available in 19 languages including English, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish and Spanish.

Licensing and Migration Options:

The Anywhere product has some licensing and migration options for authorized and concurrent users. These are the options:

Mobile Only Requires only the Maximo Anywhere licensing to use the Anywhere mobile apps. Users only access Maximo via Anywhere apps*
Mobile & Desktop Requires Maximo Anywhere and appropriate Maximo core entitlement. Sold/priced as an Add-on to Maximo license*
Existing Maximo Mobile Customers May migrate their licenses (in whole or in part) to Maximo Anywhere at no charge when similar functional apps exist
Trade-up from Maximo Everyplace Can purchase trade-up licenses to move from Maximo Everyplace to Maximo Anywhere

*subject to IBM approval*

New Maximo Anywhere 7. 6. 4 version:

The new Maximo Anywhere 7.6.4 is quick and easy to install and use. It does not require any additional components (Mobile First) or Application Server (WAS) thus rectifying any compatibility issues.

Single Anywhere Administration is helpful as application changes are automatically synced with the respective devices, eliminating any interruptions to the user. It simplifies the troubleshoot process and traceability.

Maximo Anywhere Mobile Apps:

Maximo Anywhere apps are integrated with the work management service provider and support role-specific tasks in the work management process. Some of the apps include:

IBM Maximo Anywhere Asset Audit Provides audited asset tracking and editing
IBM Maximo Anywhere Asset Data Manager Provides asset tracking and record storage
IBM Maximo Anywhere Inspection Provides a list of assets and locations that need to be inspected
IBM Maximo Anywhere Issues and Returns Provides an organization with a service for monitoring and controlling the movement and consumption of inventory items and tools
IBM Maximo Anywhere Physical Count Provides storeroom staff with access to storeroom inventory items to perform an inventory count and record the physical count for the storeroom items
IBM Maximo Anywhere Service Request Provides a platform for entering service requests into Maximo Asset Management
IBM Maximo Anywhere Transfers and Receiving Provides a service for inventory maintenance and tracking
IBM Maximo Anywhere Work Approval Provides supervisors, work planners, and financial staff with access to work orders that require approval before work can begin
IBM Maximo Anywhere Work Execution Provides maintenance technicians and supporting staff members with access to the work order data that is most relevant to completing their tasks

BPD Zenith consultants provide Maximo Anywhere Mobility support to clients, meeting their business needs and requirements.

If you are interested to know more about Anywhere Mobility, please get in touch with us. Maximo and Anywhere are both available on our MaxiCloud platform fully managed, fully flexible and fully supported.

Muhtasim Billah

Muhtasim Billah

Muhtasim currently works as a Maximo Technical Consultant in BPD Zenith Australia. He has been working in the IT industry for several years, in Australia and overseas. Finishing his Masters in Information Technology from Monash University, Australia, Muhtasim started his Maximo and Mobility journey with BPD Zenith in 2018. Muhtasim’s passion is in new technical innovations and coming up with creative ideas for business challenges. He loves travelling, music, watching movies and engaging in new adventures.


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