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by | May 11, 2020

MaxiCloud in Self Isolation

It’s fair to say that even though it’s only May, 2020 has been a challenging year! For our Australian cohort, a set of bushfires which devasted much of the East Coast and then COVID-19 which has impacted us all globally.

We are all in this together

Positivity is my general disposition and despite the current COVID-19 situation, I feel that I have been able to maintain a good level of positivity. Much of this stems from what I have seen in my family, friends, community and in our work at BPD Zenith. On the latter, I have been pleased to see how the team has responded to the situation.

As a business we have always had a focus on flexible work arrangements, helping support our team members where we can. Whether this is our graduates, consultants or management team; all team members have laptops and can connect into their required environments securely and with ease. Furthermore, it’s been rewarding to see the team continue their client interactions albeit in slightly different ways.

~ BPD Zenith support employees through provision of important resources and flexible working conditions ~

MaxiCloud’s importance during COVID-19

The topic of flexibility and remote access gets me on to MaxiCloud and how the platform is well positioned for situations such as COVID-19. The MaxiCloud platform lends itself to being flexible and accessible to those clients who are required to work from home. One of MaxiCloud’s most invaluable features is that it allows our clients to enjoy flexibility. It is there for you wherever you may be.

~ MaxiCloud is cost effective, flexible, and easily adaptable to support different business needs ~

Last week we hosted a MaxiCloud User Group event for our Asia Pacific clients, and I was delighted to see our clients attend and participate in this event. I appreciate that our clientele are going through their own sets of challenges, professionally and personally as they navigate through the “unprecedented times”. What pleased me was to hear and see the participation in those attending and that, all in all, there is a positive spirit that lends itself to a forward thinking, long term view on things.

Capitalise on opportunity

Across all businesses, I appreciate that internal reviews and assessments are taking place. Budgets are tight, sales are down, revenue is below expectations and these are all valid reasons for introspection. With that being said, I like to view these times as opportunities to think smarter, to be creative and to think outside the square. The last “crisis” that we saw globally was the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). I recently mentioned to the ANZ team, a list of some companies that emerged during the 2008/09 financial crisis.

  • Airbnb
  • Uber
  • WhatsApp
  • Slack
  • Square
  • Groupon

Furthermore, if you’re already working on that next big idea, keep going. Here’s a list of companies founded in 2006/07 that survived the financial crisis.

  • Spotify
  • Dropbox
  • Twitter

~ Keep an eye out for opportunity and entrepreneurship ~

Let’s look to the future

I shared this with our team because I want to give perspective of the COVID-19 situation and that despite things being outside of your control, there are things within your control. I subscribe to John Adams, second president of the United States who once said, “Every problem is an opportunity in disguise”. I appreciate that the current situation will have many re-assessing their Asset Management strategies. The beauty of MaxiCloud is that it is a cost effective, flexible solution that can adjust to your business requirements and support you through such challenging times.

I encourage you to think about what opportunities are available in your area and what you could do differently. I’m finding that the COVID-19 situation is encouraging people to embrace a more lateral way of thinking. That’s one positive to take – people are being less dismissive of ideas than they may have been previously.

When it comes to your Asset Management strategy, have a think about what you would like to explore further. Maybe you want to try Work Centres, Inspection Forms, Anywhere Mobile or explore one our MaxiCloud Industry Solutions or Add Ons. Now is a great opportunity to explore and try new things so when things settle down, you and your business can hit the ground running in the new world.

~ BPD Zenith offer a range of products and solutions that your business can capitalise on ~

If you’re interested in learning more about BPD Zenith’s MaxiCloud solutions, contact us today and find out how we can help you.

Adrian Cassar

Adrian Cassar

Adrian is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) across Asia Pacific. He is a Subject Matter Expert in Service Delivery and works to define and establish Service Management Processes for the provision and delivery of services for IBM Maximo Asset Management and related systems. He is passionate about getting IT and business working together to use technology to deliver innovative solutions that can solve business problems. Out of the office his passion turns to following team sports; Soccer, Rugby, Basketball, Cricket and naturally Australian Rules Football (AFL) with his beloved team being North Melbourne.


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