Offshore Wind

BPD Zenith has been selected to deliver its Maximo for Offshore Wind solution to the world’s largest operational wind farm, London Array, to support the subsequent phases of the wind farm’s lifecycle.

Leave the IT to the experts

The owners, operators and OFTOs of offshore wind farms are coming to recognize the critical importance of an enterprise-quality, asset and work management system to support the operation and maintenance of their assets, whether under construction, in operation, under warranty or out of warranty.

As organizations, you are focused on renewable energy technologies and not IT. Maximo is a specialist you can sooner leave to the experts. BPD’s Maximo for Offshore Wind is a comprehensive solution encompassing asset management, supply chain, maintenance and Health, Safety and Environment.

Our Offshore Wind Offerings

  • Take charge of your asset data with enhanced Asset Management processes and make meaningful comparisons across your wind farm portfolio

  • Support for end to end supply chain management – Suppliers, contracts, warranties, procurement and spares management

  • Health, Safety & Environment processes including support for Approved Work Procedure and Safety Documents, Risk Assessments, Permit to Work and Incident reporting

  • Role-based access for key roles including Authorized Technician, Operational Controller, Planner, Senior Authorized Person etc.

  • Role-based access for key roles including Authorized Technician, Operational Controller, Planner, Senior Authorized Person etc.

  • Enhanced Warranty Management processes

  • Full Work Order History and Analysis including Mean Time Between Failures, Backlog, Open Jobs, Status of Statutory Inspections and more

  • Enhanced Work Management processes

  • Integration-ready with condition monitoring systems – set thresholds on assets to trigger an inspection or other intervention

IoT in Renewables – The Next Step

The IoT has the potential to offer significant advantages to offshore wind maintenance.

Turbines are expensive and complex assets that can include many sensors, monitors and power conditioning technology. With the help of this technology, BPD is able to provide data on the functioning of turbines, moving from corrective toward condition-based monitoring. For example, IoT can monitor events or changes in the structural condition that might affect safety or increase risk.

With condition-based maintenance, repairs are performed once meters go outside of optimal performance, or if an upcoming failure is detected.

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IBM Maximo Asset Management solutions for offshore wind owners and operators and Offshore Transmission Operators

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