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by | Mar 30, 2022

2022 brings renewed optimism to Enterprise Asset Management initiatives

The first few months of 2022 has been one of optimism and keen interest from our clients who are looking to ramp up their Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) initiatives.  The ramp up comes as business travel resumes, team members return to onsite work and as end of financial year approaches for some countries in the Asia Pacific region.

Predicting what will happen throughout this year is never an easy task.  What I will say though is that whilst change can’t be predicted, you can be prepared for change.  It’s hard to foresee what is around the corner but preparing your business and yourself for change is something that can be done.  The ability to be in a position of agility and nimbleness is key for all businesses.  One of the positives to come out of COVID-19 was seeing how businesses adapted to change quickly and this demonstrates that when prompted, we can adjust to change.

Maximo Version 8

One change that we do know of is that Maximo v8 is here and it will be a key focus for us this year as we assist our clients with the transition to the new version.  As part of this, Maximo Mobile is also here and this product has already garnered interest from our clients and we currently have a handful of projects underway.  I trust that we will be able to share case studies with our clients later in the year once these projects are completed.

Within the team we too continue to flex and adjust to change.  Our team members have had to cope with COVID-19 and its associated consequences; lockdowns, childcare, home schooling and I’m incredibly proud of how resilient the team has been.  As a manager, it’s been pleasing to see how we have been able to provide a flexible work environment for our team and still being able to deliver to our clients.   We have recently reintroduced attendance into the office and this has been well received, it’s great to be able to share an idea in person, grab a coffee with a team member and to resume those moments of serendipity that you simply don’t get from working remotely.

IBM Champions for 2022

Speaking of the team, I am thrilled to announce our IBM Champions for 2022 in the Asia Pacific region:

IBM Champions are the best of the best: they demonstrate extraordinary expertise in and support for IBM offerings and communities.  More specifically, each of these team members has made a significant contribution to the Maximo community through their knowledge sharing, community assistance, idea generation and product contribution.  This sense of community strongly aligns with the BPD Zenith philosophy of giving back to the Maximo community and helping others along the way.  Well done to Graeme, Carol, Nivin and Biplab!

Thank you

Thank you everyone for your continued support to BPD Zenith.  2022 is looking as an exciting year, one of opportunity and rebirth as we look to pick up following the COVID-19 lockdowns.  All the very best and feel free to reach out to the team or myself if you have any questions, comments or feedback.

Adrian Cassar

Adrian Cassar

Adrian is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) across Asia Pacific. He is a Subject Matter Expert in Service Delivery and works to define and establish Service Management Processes for the provision and delivery of services for IBM Maximo Asset Management and related systems. He is passionate about getting IT and business working together to use technology to deliver innovative solutions that can solve business problems. Out of the office his passion turns to following team sports; Soccer, Rugby, Basketball, Cricket and naturally Australian Rules Football (AFL) with his beloved team being North Melbourne.


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