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by | Aug 4, 2020

An Introduction to Conduct an Inspection Work Center

Conduct an Inspection

Last week we reviewed the “Manage Inspection Forms” tool in Maximo. This week we will look in to the “Conduct an Inspection” tool which is very closely related to the Manage Inspection Forms tool.  One of the primary responsibilities of an inspector is to complete inspections and record inspection results. As the name suggests, the Conduct an Inspection tool is used to conduct inspections. These inspections are defined in the Manage Inspections Forms tool.

The initial view of this tool is a dashboard of inspections displayed as cards, categorized in to 4 tabs; Pending, In Progress, Completed and All.

Let’s conduct a simple inspection.

  • Click on an Inspection Card that is assigned to you under the “Pending” category and click Start:

  • When you start an Inspection, you could filter the list of questions to only display the required or incomplete questions. Answers to each question are automatically saved. Click Complete.

The inspector or technician could use this tool to conduct either one or multiple inspections at the same time.  When you hover over the Asset name, you will see a check box that allows you to select multiple inspections.  After you click “Open Selected” you will get an option to select “Start the batch”.

After the inspection is complete, you can click “Take Action” to view the inspection summary, view work order details and view asset or location details.

Within this tool, the inspector could also create and conduct Unscheduled Inspections, if required. You could do so by clicking “Unscheduled Inspection” on the Inspections page of this tool, specify the asset or location you want to create the inspection for, select the inspection form from the recommended forms that are associated with the asset or location and click “Start”.

Next week, we will look in to the Service Requests tool in Maximo that is used to create service requests by using your computer or mobile device.


Rashenka Amarasekara

Rashenka Amarasekara

Rashenka is a Maximo Consultant at BPD Zenith in Canada. She loves speaking to clients to find out what they are trying to accomplish and brainstorming the best possible solution to meet the need. In her spare time, Rashenka tries new recipes, enjoys working out and spends time with her baby!


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