Samantha Firth

AMD Director | UK & Global

Sam has almost 20 years’ experience of the various aspects of Business Administration and has gathered some unique spin-off talents during her time at BPD Zenith.

Sam has either worked in or facilitated virtually all of the business functions over the years including: Financial Accounts, Taxes, Compliance, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, Customer Relations, Supply Chain, Dispute Resolution, Company/Employment Law, Contract Management, Business Development, Asset Resourcing and Maintenance to name a few.  This general and varied knowledge base is ideally suited to understanding the requirements for our Global activities and assessing potential areas for exploration.  This is her main focus for the business at present, with activities ranging from long-term to quick turnaround.

Sam enjoys supporting the business processes whenever and wherever she is asked or needed to and the challenge of overcoming the unusual – which happens often enough to keep things fresh!

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