BPD Zenith believes in providing the best solutions with the best in the business. We have developed a number of strategic partnerships with companies who share our vision and ethos. These complementary business partners allow us to broaden the services we offer to our Clients. Below is a sample of some of our partners.


brightsolid is our UK Hosting Technology Partner for managed solutions. brightsolid provides the specialist technical know-how and hosted infrastructure in a secure and managed environment, utilising best practice to deliver a safe, secure and optimised service.


BPD Zenith partners with Datasplice, selling and implementing their premier off-the-shelf mobility solution for Maximo. Datasplice solutions are easy to implement, user friendly, have connected and disconnected modes and can run on any device.

Electra Learning

BPD Zenith works very closely with Electra Learning (our offices are in the same building!) to design and deliver the best training programmes for our Clients. BPD has selected Electra Learning for the quality of their course development and delivery.


partnersBPD Zenith is an IBM Premier Business Partner and is Gold level accredited for Maximo Asset Management. As a member of IBM’s BETA programme, BPD Zenith has direct access to IBM’s product development team.


PowerPlan are a leading provider of asset investment optimization software. Through the partnership, BPD Zenith and PowerPlan have demonstrated the benefits of a holistic approach to asset management, planning and optimization, and their integrated solutions across those disciplines.



BPD Zenith recommends Solufy’s AKWIRE Visual Scheduler for Maximo. vScheduler is a user friendly, flexible and powerful planning and scheduling tool.


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