Mission Statement

Our Mission

“To enable our customers to maximise the benefits of their software solutions to deliver optimum business efficiency and return on investment.”

At BPD Zenith, our mission is to support our customers’ success over the lifecycle of their asset base. We do this by delivering innovative solutions that we believe address the challenges and drivers of asset intensive industries. As a trusted partner, we are uniquely positioned to help companies track, manage and service their assets to flexibly choose from a combination of benefits.

Our Values

  • Straightforward approach – BPD Zenith prides itself on delivering on time and within budget. We provide professional and personable advice, and our customers receive a system that matches their business requirements.
  • Ethos of integrity – We are committed to doing what is right. BPD Zenith has built a strong reputation with its clients based on its honesty, the quality of its delivery and value for money.
  • Long-term partnership – We understand the importance of supporting our clients over many years to drive significant change. We provide collaborative solutions and services as our clients undertake their asset management journey.
  • Dedicated personnel – BPD Zenith attracts quality personnel and trains them to very exacting standards. We train our team with a combination of IBM certification and specific, targeted internal training.
  • Quality of service – Throughout our time working with Maximo, BPD Zenith has maintained a quality of service that has ensured that clients have remained faithful to us. We continue to guide clients through system development and add-ons and enjoy the benefits that such on-going relationships bring to all parties concerned. Our aim is to obtain a reference from every site that we visit.

Our Vision

Our vision at BPD Zenith is to become the world’s first global Maximo partner outside of IBM; using locally based consultants wherever possible while leveraging expertise and best practice processes employed by the global group. Our aspiration remains to become a leading one-stop solution provider for asset management.

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