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by | May 26, 2020

Your Bridge to Cloud – 6 Benefits of MaxiCloud LaaS

Cloud is a hot topic at the moment and most organisations are either preparing to move to the Cloud or have already made the jump. If you’re in the first category and are gearing up, then BPD Zenith’s MaxiCloud License as a Service (LaaS) could be the ideal first step.

~ Many organisations are preparing to move to the Cloud because of its associated benefits ~

Before we go any further, lets quickly cover the meaning of Cloud for the purposes of this blog. When discussing Maximo and Cloud, what we are really talking about is Managed Software as a Service (MSaaS). MSaaS is essentially a SaaS service with more. It is your own Maximo instance in a single tenancy fully hosted, fully managed service including upgrades (when you choose), licensing, hosting, server management, disaster recovery and more.

No doubt you are already working through your plan to move to MSaaS. If this plan is more than 3 months into the future, then MaxiCloud LaaS could provide you with immediate benefits while you put your plan into action.

Here are 6 benefits of MaxiCloud LaaS that you could start realising now.

1. Cost savings

Traditional (perpetual) Maximo licensing models can be effective if your business and operations do not change. However, the corporate environment is dynamic, and businesses are constantly required to embrace change (particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic), improve operations, adhere to new regulations and adapt new business practices.

If your business has a user base that fluctuates, has roles that change from time-to-time or is looking to improve and make use of new or additional functionality, then it is difficult to get the best value from your traditional licensing model.

MaxiCloud LaaS is a licensing solution that gives you back control – it provides you with the licensing you need, when you need it. Maintaining license mix ratios and efficient assignment of users to appropriate licenses is all taken care of. The model gives you the flexibility to ramp-up for short periods to cover a spike (e.g. seasonal requirement or project) at a similar cost/user to your base licenses. And it is provided through a monthly subscription fee, so adding a new user does not require any large upfront expenditure and helps with your business cashflow.

Most organisations are able to realise savings in excess of 10%.

2. License management

If you are responsible for your organisation’s license management, then you’ll understand the challenges associated with navigating the IBM license rules. Typically, there are two types of approaches when it comes to license management.

  1. Risk Manager. These people invest significant time in tightly controlling all aspects related to license management. They are acutely aware of every new user, what permissions each user has, every security group change, etc., and they refuse additional access to users if it results in non-compliance; and
  2. Operations Manager. They are focused on ensuring users have the functionality they need to perform their role efficiently and effectively. Whilst license compliance is important; they do not monitor it as closely as the Risk Manager.

Both of these scenarios are less than ideal. The Risk Manager invests significant time on a task that only adds value when audited whereas the Operations Manager puts the organisation at significant financial risk if it is audited.

MaxiCloud LaaS incorporates the responsibility of your license compliance. By conducting regular license health checks, providing frequent reports and advising you on how you could get better utilisation, MaxiCloud LaaS gives your team the ability to focus on what’s important – your business.

~ Our seasoned consultants will take care of all your licensing management needs and present this information to you in a monthly report ~


3. Repurpose internal resources

The internal effort to manage and maintain your Maximo licensing can be significant. These include but are not limited to: keeping track of your active users; what license type they are; ensuring you have sufficient licenses to cover your users; evaluating if you need to purchase new licenses, and if so, how many. Managing all these activities requires constant monitoring and lots of analysis.

MaxiCloud LaaS handles all of this work on your behalf and presents it to you in a report at the end of each month, meaning your team can focus on the value-add activities that can really benefit the organisation. Combine this with a BPD Zenith support package and you can significantly minimise the time and effort of your resources on non-value adding activities.

4. Access to industry solutions

BPD have worked with a number of different industries over the past 25 years. This experience is captured in preconfigured packages designed to make Maximo suit your business and user’s needs. They are also designed to accelerate you towards getting the best of your investment in Maximo. An example of one of these configuartions is the drag and drop function.

5. Becoming Cloud ready

Licensing as a Service (LaaS) provides a vast range of benefits and is a risk-free way to start realising the benefits of Cloud, while you finalise your Cloud strategy and plan the move. You could consider this a risk free “bridge to Cloud option”. Once on MaxiCloud LaaS, BPD Zenith can provide you with expert guidance and support to help make the transition to MaxiCloud MSaaS quickly and easily. BPD have a dedicated team of Cloud deployment specialists and are the leading provider of MSaaS globally.

6. BPD Zenith knowledge, experience and additional features

Become part of a global network of organisations leading the way in best practice asset management. Learn from the experiences BPD Zenith have across a range of industries and asset management practices and be the first to get the benefit of our cutting-edge innovation. Additionally, receive exclusive access to a range of Maximo features that could help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your operation.

~ With a client base that is truly global, we are well placed to support you on your asset management journey ~

Whether a move to Cloud and a MSaaS solution is part of your short-term or long-term plan, MaxiCloud LaaS is the perfect first step. It gives you cost savings with little to no effort.

If you want more information, please contact the BPD Zenith team or learn more about our MaxiCloud platform today.

Hayden Oliver

Hayden Oliver

Hayden is an Account Manager for many of BPD Zenith’s key Australian clients. He is a qualified CPA accountant with a background in Finance, Business Improvement, Maximo and Account Management and brings all these skills and expertise to provide Asset Management solutions to organizations. He has an approach that centers on building strong long-term partnerships and providing solutions that deliver continuous value. Personal interests include tennis, Australian Rules Football (AFL) and the Hawthorn Football Club, coffee and exploring different cuisines and restaurants.


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